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Top 10 Comic Strips

Comic strips have become a special part of people’s lives in the past years. These things made a great impact to them depending on the specific kind of comic strip they had been reading. There were numerous comic strips that became highly popular. Take a look at the top 10 comic strips that definitely caught the attention of many people.

  1. Peanuts

This reflects political satire during the mid-50s. Peanuts got the theme similar to Family Circus in the earliest years. It has been regarded as iconic and truly believable since the late fifties up to 60’s and early 70’s. It always has the character that brightens everybody’s day.

  1. FoxTrot

FoxTrot has been outrageously clever and funny. It also became one of the all time favorites of many people.

  1. The Far Side

For those who were searching for the real definition of irony, reading The Far Side was a great idea. Through comic strip, people can manage to transform their troubles into heaven. It really works because of its being genius.

  1. Dennis the Menace

This was another popular strip ever made because of its unique story and way of presenting. Most people got more interested to read about it.

  1. Pearls before Swine

Stephen Pastis has been a genius. The pig, rat and the Crocs were all funny. It emphasizes a lesson for the kids that they will never forget.

  1. Zits

The drawer and author made use of daily situations as well as family happenings. This has been dealing with parent-teenager problems. In the end, there is always laughter.

  1. Garfield

Garfield has been always one of the most favorite and most loved comic strips ever. This is because of its consistent and hilarious characteristic without making references to any political group or economy that nobody wish to hear when searching for laughter.

  1. Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin And Hobbes had been the comic which made people turn back at their lives. It made them think that you had done the same think. Thus, it made them laugh as they reminisce some memorable and unforgettable events in their lives during their childhood.

  1. Blondie

It was a venerable and old strip which had been moribund for many decades before the grandson and partner of the Chic Young, the creator, had taken over the helm. It belongs to the most delighted funny pages which throws various gag styles.

  1. Mr. Boffo

Joe Martin was regarded as a very hardworking man into funny pages who has no less than 3 full time/seven days a week strips including several side projects. He had pulled the trifecta in year 2011 and made 3 of the strips he made in the top ten.

These are only some of the best comic strips that made a significant impact on the lives of the readers. The time spent by their writers has been worth it as they receive recognition from their readers and other people who appreciate their exceptional works. Until today, there are several individuals who prefer comic strips than any other sort of entertainment.

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