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Top 10 Comedy Shows

People love fun and entertainment. Experiencing fun and getting entertained are the two things that can provide several benefits to them. For this reason, there are various things and ways created that can bring out the real laughter and happiness in a person. For the past decades, many different people had brought extreme happiness and laughter to other persons who are watching them. These individuals got an exceptional ability of sharing really fun jokes and lines that can make another people smile, giggle or even laugh.

These people are usually called as “comedians”. And from the moment that the first comedy show was aired and became a success, there are already numerous comedy shows that lighten up the lives of the people watching them. Each year, there have been particular shows that were recognized due to their exceptional ability to make audience burst into laughter.

There are actually different types of comedy shows since there are also various kinds of comedians. Every year, you will appreciate some funny shows with funny people hosting them. In the present, you are going to find numerous comedy shows that you will certainly love. Here are the top 10 comedy shows that definitely caught the attention of most audience and made them laugh all the way:

  1. The Big Bang Theory – this show is comprised of a famous girl and 4 nerds who had made America’s funniest TV that people ever seen. Here, Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) has been nerd to watch. He lack in terms of social skills and has incredible quirkiness combined with a group of awkward dynamic. This has been a weekly show which became extremely popular in the TV industry.

  2. Monkey Toast – This has been a biweekly show by David Shore that remained as most informative and most eclectic comedy night. You are going to learn while you laugh.

  3. Winston Spear – it is an original alt comic. You cannot just imagine the words delivered by anybody else.

  4. Girl’s School – Dawn Whitwell, Elvira Kurt and several best female comics had sold out Diesel in the show that kept giving literally.

  5. Knock Knock. Who’s There? Comedy!/Scott Thompson – it comes with gut-bustingly and funny parody by Thompson.

  6. Alex Nussbaum – the elastic ectomorphic body and bug eyes of Nussbaum remained as the nimble physical comic.

  7. Father Ted – it follow 3 priests: Father Dougal, Father Jack, and Father Ted including a housekeeper named Mrs. DoYLE.

  8. I’m Alan Partridge – a show of TV presenter and loathsome radio who are stumbling from a mishap to the other.

  9. Steptoe and Son – Steptoe has been the cold-hearted and vile man with his son, Harold who wishes to leave the father.

  10. Black books – the book store managed by drunken and pessimistic chain smoker who does not have a good heart.

Laughter is the best medicine. So, if you want to face your worries, fears, or problems bravely, you can try watching some great comedy shows or comedy movies. In this way, you have the chance to feel lively, happier and younger. Best of all, you can easily forget about your problems even for a short period of time.

Open your television now and look for a channel where there is a comedy show. This is also one way of discovering the talents of people for making you smile and laugh.

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