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Top 10 Sitcoms

Everybody love sitcoms, and fortunately, there are lots of choices to choose from. What about you? What is your favorite sitcom? Well, here is the list of the top 10 sitcom of all time that you should consider. Over the years, numerous sitcoms have started and ended. But not all are created the same, different stories, different characters, and of course, different level of excitement.

The List Of The All Time Favorite Sitcoms

  1. Married With Children – This black comedy sit com gave people some of the very first irredeemable characters as well as the most amoral and crass situations.

  2. Friends – Every episode of this sit com will surely make you laugh and even if you’ve memorized its punchlines, well it will never get old. This is refreshingly different as compared to other sitcoms of its time. This sitcom is ideal for youngsters and adults alike.

  3. Seinfield – Every character of this sit com is unique, you will surely love jerry’s comedy show and kramer’s entrance.

  4. The Office UK – Although the love and romance between Dawn and Tim isn’t entirely epic, this sitcom shows people that there must be more to their life than office is tragic and funny.

  5. All In The Family – this excellent sitcom is based on the British comedy ‘Till Death Us Do part’, the All In The Family was pioneered in terms of creating excellent comedy from conflict-ridden social issues.

  6. Cheers – this is the original ‘king’ of the hang out comedy. Cheers eschewed workplace formula or standard family to focus more on bars where guests and regulars can relax. This sitcom has been voted as one of the top 10 sitcoms of all time.

  7. The Larry Sanders Show – This is one excellent HBO series is considered as one of the best sitcoms ever. Although all the main casts and characters was funny as pampered and tired entertainment veteran, the guest stars and casts could also elevate ‘behind the scenes’ careerism and crassness into comedy highs.

  8. I Love Lucy – This classic ‘black and white’ sitcom was actually the pioneer of the transformation of live television to multicamera filming. This sitcom has generated lots of satisfied and loyal viewers and this is because of a reason.

  9. Modern Family – This sitcom is suitable for people of all ages and it is always funny. In fact, even kids love this sitcom, the reason why people considered it as one of the top 10 sitcoms of all time.

  10. 30 Rock – taking people inside the executive offices of the TV network and writer’s room, 30 rocks actually makes entertainment business very funny. If you are fond of watching comedy, then this move probably is one of your favorite sitcoms.

The above mentioned sitcoms are only one of the most popular and watched sitcoms that everybody loves. Well, when it comes to sitcoms, the choices are limitless. It is just about finding which one is the best for you, and which one suits your unique preference.

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