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Top 10 Stand Up comedians

Comedy is one of the toughest businesses to take part in. You begin by writing it, hit a stage performing it, or do both. Stand up is one of the cruelest forms of comedy, so being a standup comedian can prove to be extremely difficult, as it actually take the combination of writing, delivery, and timing. Add the live audiences that sometimes tend to make life miserable, you can see the reason why working as a standup comedian is not a laughing matter. Here is the list of the top 10 stand up comedian that.

  1. Dane Cook

Hate him or like him, there is no doubt that he is the largest thing to happen on stand up in 2000s. He is the very first standup comedian who figures out how internet marketing can be used to establish his celebrity career. This gamble actually worked, and he became a great success with young people and college audiences.

  1. Larry The Cable Guy

One of the most popular among the incredibly famous ‘Blue Collar Comedians’, Larry the cable guy has become very popular because of his talents. He was the one responsible for the introduction of sleeveless flannels and trucker hats as well as the phrase ‘Git ‘R done!’Larry The Cable Guy is actually one of the highest earners in the industry.

  1. Jeff Dunham

Though not an official member of the Blue Collar comic, Dunham has branded himself successfully as the best comic aimed at the most common man. Combining stand-up comedy with ventriloquism, he is popularly known for being stable in puppets as well as with broad humor.

  1. Russell Peters

Russell is considered as one of the top 10 stand up comedian that you probably have never heard of. This Canadian comic as an Indian descent in him, he is among the comics who are popular worldwide. If you want to see ‘Funny’, watch Russell Peters’ shows.

  1. Chris Rock

Though he never has movie career, Chris Rick still remains among the largest and the funniest standup comedians of today. He is the current ‘King of Comedy’, and this is because of a reason. He actually defies category and genre for everybody loves Chris Rock.

  1. Dave Chappelle

Lots of people love Dave Chappelle since he was poised of becoming the biggest standup since the peak days of Richard Pryor and Steve Martin. Even though he retreated from Chappelle’s Show and walked away from public eye, still, Chappelle’s popularity and impact live on.

  1. Sarah Silverman

She is among the rare female standup comedians who have made it through the barriers of being a standup comic finding success that lots of male standup comedians enjoyed. Sarah Silverman is popularly known for her bathroom and sex humor.

  1. Patton Oswalt

Being among the leaders of ‘alternative comedy movement’, Patton Oswait’s is your kind of comedian if you can’t get into Jeff Dunham and Larry The Cable Guy. With 3 albums, 2 concert DVD’s, his very own tour, and different voiceover roles and acting, he has become omnipresent in the standup world.

  1. Jim Gaffigan

You can recognize him for his different television commercial gigs, but during the day, he is among the most famous comics of today.

  1. Kathy Griffin

She is also one of the rarest female standup comedians. She is popularly known for being witty and funny during her shows.

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